Patient Specific Implants

Patient Specific Implants and Services

Whether for reconstructive surgery or for aesthetic surgery, sometimes standard implants are not suitable or simply unavailable. For those cases, ProtoMed can help you with an implant specifically designed for your patients. The design of such a Patient Specific Implant (custom-made implant) starts from a patient’s Computer Tomography (CT) or Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. In close collaboration with you, the surgeon, the design can be tuned to specific characteristics.  Patient-Specific Implants ensure a fast and safe surgery resulting in a satisfied patient with an excellent aesthetic reconstruction or enhancement.



Process Workflow

Indications for a PSI

Patients Specific Implants (PSI’s) are most commonly known in the fields of Neuro- and CranioMaxilloFacial surgery. This is not surprising; in the facial region, aethetics are of vital importance. A person’s face/head is the first thing you look at and you know that first impressions count. So the Neuro and CMF field have adopted PSI’s for a combination of the 2 possible reasons for choosing a custom implant:

Surgical Disciplines


Cranial reconstruction after decompressive craniectomy, cerebral aneurysm procedures or meningioma resection.

CMF surgery

Reconstruction or augmentation of skull, jaw, orbita, zygoma, maxilla,…

Orthopedic surgery

Reconstruction following segment resection, a comminuted fracture, revision surgery,…

Plastic surgery

For reconstructive or cosmetic purposes.

Product Advantages

Choosing Patient Specific Implants (PSI’s) has significant advantages. Mostly these advantages are born from the fact that such a custom implant fits perfectly, immediately and since it is designed for one patient, the aesthetic result is excellent .

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